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Urbex Canarias

Urbex Canarias

Urbex Canarias

Urbex Canarias is a challenge.

To find abandoned places to the Canary Islands that are not Belgium with its power plants or Detroit with its factories is a game of exploration with very high difficulty.

We had a lot of fun in the past to travel in the various islands.

Take weekends to investigate and ask the elderly if they had ever heard of some abandoned villas, or pick up some answers and guess new locations.
Urbex Canarias will continue to be our challenge.
We are waiting you in Canary Islands!
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(5) Favourite Urbex sites

by Urbex Canarias
  1. Tenerife | Los realejos
  2. Lanzarote | Zonzamas – Museo
  3. Gran Canaria | Finca San Rafael
  4. Gran Canaria | Parque acuático
  5. Tenerife | Sanatorio de Abades



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