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Self-taught photographer, curious and restless and always with an open mind to, through my camera, try to pose a different point if view and perspective … I arrived at Urbex purely by chance, sincerely, I had never considered making this type of photography, however, it has ended up being one of my favorite styles. Returning life to the forgotten, decay, ruin … is something that draws me greatly from this type of photography. Remember the history of the places that I have visited, and sometimes even, with the elements that you find being able to be a little more part of it, but above all, the silence … That is what most attracts my attention about Urbex, the total and absolute silence that exists in the vast majority of places. Instagram: iposadasfoto

(5) Favourite Urbex Places

by iposadasfoto
  1. Vergalijo | Navarra
  2. Hospital abandonado | Santander
  3. TurruncĂșn | La Rioja
  4. Casa del maestro | RedĂ­n (Navarra)
  5. Harinera abandonada | Navarra



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